Mainland Chinese stocks were down by the early morning. The Shanghai Composite was down by 0.12% to 3,438.16. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was up about 0.15% to 28,944.75.

Japan’s benchmark Nikkei average. Nikkei 225 is trading up 0.35 per cent at 29,097.06 on  Wednesday, while the  Australian Index S&P / ASX 200 rose  0.48 per cent to 7,067.71. South Korea’s Kospi was down by 0.80% to 3,187.91.


The FTSE MIB climbed  down by 0.17%  to 24,473.46 In the cash markets, the DAX futures Germany was trading 0.31%  lower at 15,249.25. CAC 40 futures in France fell down by 0.03% to 6,273.76, while the FTSE 100 futures in the U.K. fell by  0.26% to 6,944.97, at the time of writing.


In the U.S. on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed  0.01% up  at 3,984.93  the S&P 500 was down 0.02% to 4,186.72 and the Nasdaq 100 was down 0.34% at 14,090.78.


In the Forex market, GBPUSD  fell 0.26% at 1.3877. The USDJPY was up 0.17% at 108.86. The USDCHF was up 0.18% at 0.9151. EURUSD was  down 0.10% at 1.2077, EUR/GBP was up 0.20% at 0.8704, at the time of writing.


In the commodity market, U.S. Gold futures fell 0.43% at $1,771.15. Elsewhere, Silver futures fell 1.24% to $26.082 per ounce, Platinum fell 0.78% at $1,223.05 per ounce, and Palladium was down 0.43% at $2,933.50.

Brent crude oil was down 0.06% to $65.83 barrel while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (CLc1) fell  0.02% at $62.93.


In the Cryptocurrency Markets, BTCUSD is at $55,044 rose 2.84%, Ethereum at 2,641.41 up 4.95%, Litecoin at 258.682  up 3.17%, at the time of writing.



Adidas down 1.36% at 262.32, Apple Inc. up 0.30% at $134.72, Amazon up 0.25% at $ 3,417.43, TESLA Inc down  4.53% at $704.74, HSBC up 4.17% at 440.40, Microsoft up 0.16% at $261.97 ,  Unilever  down 0.82% at 4,052.5.

Economic news:


Economic news

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) said on Tuesday it was taking immediate action to understand and resolve how “hundreds of thousands” of mortgage borrowers’ bank accounts were debited for duplicate payments after a mortgage servicer announced the error on Monday.

Texas-based Mr. Cooper, which is the largest U.S. non-bank mortgage servicer, announced an unauthorized April 24 discovery of duplicate-payment drafts from some of its borrowers’ bank accounts in a blog post, adding that it was working on reversing what it called a “payment-processing issue.”

“The CFPB is taking immediate action to understand and resolve the situation that has affected hundreds of thousands of consumers. The CFPB will use all appropriate tools at our disposal to help ensure harmed consumers receive relief,” Dave Uejio, CFPB acting director, said in a statement.

The firm said in the post that “all duplicate transaction requests have been stopped. Any impacted customers will not be responsible for any fees or other negative financial impact this may have caused.”

The drafts did not affect all customers and reflected an unidentified vendor’s error. An investigation found there were no signs of system infiltration or hacking, it said.

While some affected customers received payment reversals over the weekend, others could expect payments or reversals to be reflected by Tuesday, the firm said.

The watchdog’s response comes amid ongoing scrutiny of mortgage firms in fear of a looming COVID-related foreclosure crisis, Reuters reported last week.


Economic news

The finance ministers of France and Germany support the U.S. government’s idea of a global minimum corporate tax rate of 21%, they said in a joint interview in Zeit Online on Tuesday.

“I, personally, have nothing against the U.S. proposal,” Germany’s Olaf Scholz was quoted on the weekly newspaper’s website as saying. “If that is the result of negotiations, we would also be agreed,” France’s Bruno Le Maire said, according to Zeit.

Their Austrian counterpart on Tuesday also welcomed the proposal, floated by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who said this month she was working with G20 countries to agree on a minimum rate, and put forward a figure of 21%.

A rate of 12.5% for multinationals had been under discussion for new rules being negotiated at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Bluemel said the U.S. proposal was constructive.

“This tax fairness must also apply above all between digital and analogue business models,” he said, adding that he hoped for a quick agreement. Austria has a 25% corporate tax rate.

Scholz and Le Maire are holding talks on Tuesday and, among other issues, are due to discuss tapping money from the European Recovery Fund.

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